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Welcome to the Expert's Theater Company!

The CreateTheater ETC is one of the most dynamic and creative theater companies in the industry. You’re in the right place. Your journey starts here.

Registration is now closed until January 2023

See you then!

Welcome to the Expert's Theater Company

Welcome to ETC, your new artistic home. 

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, because this is one of the most active theater development companies in the business.

Dedicated to developing and producing new plays and musicals for the 21st century and to supporting each member’s growth and development, ETC is home to writers, producers, and artistic directors from all over the world. Our small size allows real human connections to develop naturally, over time, as you work together, attend classes and readings, and offer feedback and referrals.

I am thrilled to be able to offer you membership in this new kind of theater company: the Expert’s Theater Company. Check our calendar each month for upcoming classes, networking and learning opportunities.

ETC Monthly Member Events

CreateTheater Producing Webinars

We go live every month with new training on how to get your show produced. Similar in format and content to CTI and TRU’s PDMP, step by step Cate and her guests walk ETC members through the process of producing and self-producing – and since it’s always live, the training is up to date. Be in the same room with top NYC theatermakers to learn and to network.

2nd Fridays at 4pm ET

Studying the Musical Masters: Why It Works

In this popular class we break down Broadway musicals to learn musical structure, how to musicalize conflict, how to use songs to forward action, and more.

I welcome suggestions for musicals to study! This class is interactive, but please prepare in advance by either reading and listening or watching the musical.

2nd Wednesdays at 7pm ET

The Craft of Playwriting

Using various writing texts as our guide, the first Friday of every month we’ll review the nuts and bolts of playwriting to inspire your current work and to develop your own voice.

No matter how advanced a playwright you are, going back to review basics is always a good idea, for technique and to use as inspiration for current work.

1st Fridays at 2pm ET

Producer Office Hour

Producing a show is a learnable skill. Have questions on how to get produced, or how to self-produce? Need a game plan or have a particular issue that you need help with? Join us the last Wednesday of each month as Theater Pros share their best practice “secrets” for ETC members at our Talking Dollars and Sense Office Hours.

Last Wednesdays of each month at 7pm ET

*Bonus 1: Write a New Script in Six Weeks

Your first bonus is Write a New Script in Six Weeks. Every writer needs to continue to develop their portfolio of work. When a regional theater or a producer asks you, “What else can you send me?” you want to be ready!

February 6 – March 13 12-2pm ET

*Bonus 2: Expert Member Seminars

Each month join our ETC community in this second bonus as members share their expertise in the ETC Member Expert’s Seminars. Learn from our Master Minds in the company about how to record a musical, songwriting best practices, how to submit, and more.

*Bonus 3: Small Community Groups

To really make ETC your artistic home, get to know other members on a deeper level in our small writing groups that meet either weekly or monthly, or in our producing groups moderated by me personally that meet monthly to encourage, support, and provide the accountability that fuels forward momentum. Limited to no more than six people, make connections with other artists on a deeper human level.

Email cate@createtheater to sign up. Specify either a writing or producing group and either weekly or monthly meetings.